Interact with video and audio media in a programmatic style.
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Dependencies (Debian)

  • libglib2.0-dev
  • libgstreamer1.0-dev
  • gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad



cargo r -p sliced-cli



  • Use enum variants for different kind of pipelines?
  • Use something else instead of anyhow for the library
  • Decide if args, config or both should be implemented
    • Should the library take care or the implementer?
    • Flags/config
      • To use OpenGL or not, should it be autodetected?
      • Auto link mode
      • Auto resize mode
  • 'Types'
    • Filesink
    • Testsrcbin
    • Videomixer
  • Functions
    • loop
    • launch triggers a gst-launch command
    • link should be possible with two and three arguments. either to link two elements or to insert one between two
    • In get_* functions use .flat_map() wherever possible and clean up
    • Distinguish betwenn get_* functions which return values or print
  • Output should also be able to process audio?
  • Tests


  • Fix flipping playback speed as it always begins from the start/end
  • A lot of commands do not handle errors
  • link should not link if not possible and output a warning
  • Fix some get_* functions as some are panicking if vectors are empty


Thanks goes to Andreas Rottmann ( for his thoughtful feedback and help on this project.